Council - 16 October 2012

Meeting details

Committee: Council

Date: Tuesday 16 October 2012 at 10:30 AM

Location: Council Chamber, Shire Hall, Cambridge

Prayers led by the Bishop of Ely, the Right Reverend Stephen Conway

Agenda items

  1. Minutes - 17th July 2012

    Report for Minutes - 17th July 2012 (292kb)

  2. Announcements


  3. Declarations of Interest


  4. Public Question Time

    To receive and respond to questions from members of the public in accordance with the agreed protocol

  5. Petitions

    To receive petitions from the public in accordance with the agreed County Council Petitions Procedure.

  6. Item for determination from Cabinet

    Update and Revision of the Council’s Contract Regulations

  7. Proposed Revisions to Part 3 of the Council's Constitution

  8. Appointment of Independent Persons

  9. Pensions Committee Annual Report 2011/12

  10. Audit and Accounts Committee Annual Report 2011/12

    To receive the annual report of the Audit and Accounts Committee, covering meetings held since the last annual report presented to Council in October 2011.

    Report for Audit and Accounts Committee Annual Report 2011/12 (114kb)

  11. Motions submitted under Council Procedure Rule 10

    1. Motion from Councillor Martin Curtis

    2. Motion from Councillor Tariq Sadiq

    3. Motion from Councillor Kevin Wilkins

    4. Motion from Councillor Ian Manning

    5. Motion from Councillor Sarah Whitebread

  12. Questions

    1. Questions on Police and Fire Authority issues

      1. Report of the Cambridgeshire Police Authority

        Report (84kb)

      2. Report of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Fire Authority

        Report (89kb)

    2. Oral Questions (Council Procedure Rule 9.1)

      Members will be invited to ask questions of: • the Leader of Council • Cabinet member • the Chairman of any Committee • representatives on the Police and Fire Authorities Note:questions should relate to business discussed at a Cabinet or committee meeting, any matter relevant to the business of the Council and/or matter which affects the County of Cambridgeshire. The maximum time allowed for questions and answers will be 60 minutes.

    3. Written Questions

      To note responses to written questions from Councillors submitted under Council Procedure Rule 9.2. Note:copies will be provided to Groups in their meetings prior to the start of the meeting and spares will be available in the Council Chamber.

      Report (71kb)

  13. Membership of Committees and Appointments to Outside Bodies

    (a) To replace Councillor N Clarke with Councillor A G Orgee as a member of the Joint Committee on Local Government Shared Services. (b) To replace Councillor S Hoy with Councillor V Lucas on the Children and Young People Overview and Scrutiny Committee. (c) To appoint Councillor V Lucas as Chairman of the Children and Young People Overview and Scrutiny Committee in place of Councillor S Johnstone. (d) To approve any further changes to the membership of Committees and appointments to outside organisations.

The County Council is committed to open government and members of the public are welcome to attend this meeting.  It supports the principle of transparency and encourages filming, recording and taking photographs at meetings that are open to the public.  It also welcomes the use of social networking and micro-blogging websites (such as Twitter and Facebook) to communicate with people about what is happening, as it happens.  These arrangements operate in accordance with a protocol agreed by the Chairman of the Council and political Group Leaders which can be accessed via the following link or made available on request:

The Council cannot provide car parking on the Shire Hall site so you will need to use nearby public car parks.  Details of other transport options are available on the Council's website at:

For more information about this meeting, including access arrangements and facilities for people with disabilities, please contact Michelle Rowe at the County Council's Democratic Services on Cambridge (01223) 699180 or by email at:

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